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Understanding Pennsylvania’s four grounds for divorce

In Pennsylvania, a couple must have an appropriate legal reason before getting a divorce. Acceptable legal reasons are called grounds for divorce, and Pennsylvania courts recognize four of them. If you think ending your marriage may be the right decision, you may want to consider what grounds for divorce are appropriate for your situation.


Don’t make these mistakes in your estate plan

You may be somebody who is fully aware of the importance of estate planning and is eager to get a plan put in place. Whether you are about to begin, or you have already worked your whole life to achieve financial and personal success, you want to take care of your property and heirs when you are gone. One thing you do not want to have happen is making a mistake that can easily compromise the inheritance for your beneficiaries.

The good news is that mistakes in estate planning can be avoided if you take the proper precautions. Here are some things you should avoid in your estate planning that can either cost you money to fix or will affect the amount in inheritance to your children.

Differences between a power of attorney and an executor of a will

The duties of a power of attorney and an executor of a will are very similar. Both parties can be granted full decision-making responsibilities of a person’s affairs. However, whereas an executor manages the affairs of a person who has passed, a power of attorney can make financial and medical decisions for someone who is alive.

Read on to learn about the responsibilities of each designation.

The challenges of a small business owner

Small business owners typically are resilient and able to quickly deal with change. They have to be as they often are strapped for cash, work on tight business margins and have boatloads of competitors who want the same thing: clients and their business.

Whether owners of restaurants, catering businesses, coffee shops, boutiques or auto-repair shops, this hardy group must be prepared for routine matters and surprises. While it’s important to stay immersed in the daily duties of your business, you know must do so much more.

Workplace safety at places such as York’s Starbucks facility

York and the surrounding communities are filled with industries that have brought many jobs to the region. Most people – other than locals and fellow Pennsylvanians – likely don’t realize that for more than 20 years a township north of York has been home to one of the largest coffee roasting plants in the world.

Starbucks’ York Roasting Plant and Distribution Center employs more than 500 people and continues to add jobs. After Starbucks expanded the distribution center two years ago, the company expected to add another 300 jobs in the coming years.

Why parents should begin estate planning – while still young

It’s a common misconception that wills and estate planning is only for elderly or wealthy people. In fact, estate planning can help people in all kinds of circumstances. An often overlooked group that should consider their estate is parents.

Whether you have just welcomed a new infant or your kids are already school-age, you can make a plan to protect your children in a worst-case scenario. There are a few benefits that can specifically give your children security after a tragedy.

Make employees a priority for the success of your business

As a business owner, you want to be successful. You want your business to run smoothly. Customer satisfaction is important to you. Providing a quality product is at the top of your list of goals. You strive to be competent and make your business a positive name in the community. As a business owner, you also know that your employees are important. Without quality employees, your business couldn’t function. You have a duty to provide your employees with a safe, clean and quality work environment.

You will want your employees to be able to work together. It can take a group effort to accomplish goals, solve problems and complete vital tasks.


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