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The challenges of a small business owner

Small business owners typically are resilient and able to quickly deal with change. They have to be as they often are strapped for cash, work on tight business margins and have boatloads of competitors who want the same thing: clients and their business.

Workplace safety at places such as York’s Starbucks facility

York and the surrounding communities are filled with industries that have brought many jobs to the region. Most people – other than locals and fellow Pennsylvanians – likely don’t realize that for more than 20 years a township north of York has been home to one of the largest coffee roasting plants in the world.

Make employees a priority for the success of your business

As a business owner, you want to be successful. You want your business to run smoothly. Customer satisfaction is important to you. Providing a quality product is at the top of your list of goals. You strive to be competent and make your business a positive name in the community. As a business owner, you also know that your employees are important. Without quality employees, your business couldn’t function. You have a duty to provide your employees with a safe, clean and quality work environment.


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