Labor and Employment Law

Whether you are an employee who has had your rights violated or you have been terminated and are not sure what your rights are, we will work with you to evaluate you situation and answer all of the questions you have.  This includes civil rights violations and unemployment compensation.   If you are a private or public sector union employee we will assist you in evaluating unfair labor practices and contract violations and making sure you are protected.

If you are an employer who needs help with a problem employee or representation in unemployment compensation cases, Pennsylvania Human Relation Commission cases, or civil cases by former employees, we are here to guide you and make sure that your interests are protected.  We will also assist you in implementing procedures that make sure you are protected against potential claims in the future by making sure you fully comply with applicable law.

Our ability and knowledge on both sides of labor and employment issues make us extremely qualified to evaluate your individual situation and determine the best path and course of action for you.  Call today to speak to one of our attorneys.