Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is never easy.  Dealing with the aftermath of funeral expenses, medical bills, credit card collection letters, conflicting beneficiaries, navigating through the confusing Probate process, and preparing a new type of tax return make losing a relative or close friend even more painful.  The Estate Administration attorneys at  Kearney Galloway, LLC have years of experience in this area, and are pleased to help you through this probate and estate administration process, from beginning to end.  At an initial Estate Administration consultation, we ask you to bring a copy of the will, if there is one, a death certificate, and any information that you have about the Decedent’s bank accounts, investments, property, bills, family members, etc.  We then go with you to the courthouse to “Probate” the will, and have you appointed as the Personal Representative of the Estate, accompany you to establish an Estate Checking Account, and walk you through every step of the Estate Administration process.  We will also assist you in life insurance claims, obtaining benefits from retirement accounts, IRAs, annuities and other investment accounts, and cashing, redeeming or reissuing CDs, Savings Bonds and Stock Certificates.

We prepare and file all necessary documents with the Court, including an Inventory of Assets, Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return, Federal Estate Tax Return, when necessary, State and Federal Fiduciary Income Tax Returns,  Formal or Informal Accounting,  Family Settlement Agreement, Petition for Adjudication and presentment and defense of same at Audit before the Orphan’s Court.  Our experienced Estate Administration attorneys at Kearney Galloway LLC will also help you in any of the many other aspects of Orphan’s Court litigation, including bringing or defending Claims against an Estate, Contesting, Challenging or Disputing the terms or existence of a Will, and Objecting to an Accounting that has been presented.

If you have recently lost a family friend or loved one, please contact us to schedule a private consultation, to discuss how we can help navigate this complicated and complex process.