Criminal Defense

For most people, being charged with a crime, regardless of how serious, is both stressful and scary.  The law firm of Kearney Galloway, LLC is here to help you navigate the criminal justice system, answer your questions and understand the complexities involved in the process.  After a full review of your case, our attorneys will explain the situation and your options, work with you to understand those options, and together you and your attorney will decide the best way to move forward.  Whether your charges are minor traffic offenses or major felonies, we will work to make sure your rights are protected and that you make the decisions that are right for your individual situation.

If you are facing criminal charges or have questions about a criminal matter, contact Kearney Galloway, LLC today to meet with an experienced attorney who can answer your questions, help you navigate the criminal justice system, and provide you with a vigorous defense.